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24 Hour Emergency Service - Applied Fire ProtectionApplied Fire Protection’s Inspection Testing & Maintenance Division forms a fundamental part of our core fire services business providing the ongoing service and maintenance of both essential and critical fire safety measures installed within buildings. As local Council’s are empowered by NSW legislation to regulate the mandatory requirements for building owners to maintain the existing fire safety measures installed within buildings by receiving and checking Annual Fire Safety Statements, Applied Fire Protection provides both price competitive and efficient services in the regular inspection & testing of such measures to ensure the safety of occupants within buildings and maintaining asset protection.

Applied Fire Protection provides experienced and well trained technicians to inspect, test and maintain your buildings fire safety measures to ensure correct operation in accordance with the requirements of AS1851 (Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment). Our Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Division offers flexibility in respect to our maintenance contracts by offering both short term and long term contracts at competitive rates.

As the Building Code of Australia and evolving building industry introduces the concept of fire engineered solutions in respect to building code compliance, Applied Fire Protection has evolved by providing specialised inspection & testing services in respect to complex & often site specific building alternative solutions.

The following list is a sample of commonly installed fire safety measures within building that are subject to ongoing maintenance and require regular inspection and testing by qualified persons to ensure correct operation in the event of a fire:

Common Building Fire Safety Measures:

  • Smoke detection and alarm systems (including fire indication panels & thermal detectors)
  • Occupant warning systems & sound / intercom systems for emergency purposes
  • Automatic fire suppression systems (sprinklers / drenchers)
  • Fire hydrants systems (internal / external)
  • Fire hose reels
  • Fire doors, smoke doors & solid-core doors
  • Fire window & shutters
  • Stair pressurisation, smoke / heat vents & smoke exhaust systems
  • Mechanical air handling systems
  • Exit signs & emergency lighting
  • Exit systems (including paths of travel to exits)
  • Portable fire extinguishers & fire blankets
  • Warning & operational signs
  • Fire & Smoke Dampers
  • Lightweight construction, fire collars & other passive fire safety measures
  • Access panel, doors & hoppers to fire resisting shafts
  • Electromagnetic hold open devices, fail safe devices & break glass panels
  • Fire control rooms, and
  • Other fire safety measures as specified by fire engineered (alternative solution) reports.
Please note that not all the above mentioned fire safety measures will be installed in your building. The number of required fire safety measures to be installed within a building is dependent on the building’s use and size as determined by the specific requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and/or Alternative Solution Report for buildings involving fire engineered designs.


24 Hour Emergency Services:

In addition to our regular scheduled inspection and testing services, we provide essential 24 hour Emergency Services for all emergency maintenance and repair works.


Other Available Services:

  • False alarm reduction program (in conjunction with Fire & Rescue NSW)
  • Training (EVACPAK – emergency evacuation training
  • Service reports
  • Annual & one off site surveys
  • Street hydrant appraisals, and
  • Certification services