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Applied Fire Protection’s Hydraulic Services Division offers a wide variety of products and services and a sample of our product range is listed below for your information.

Please note that these products and services listed below include the following, but are not limited to the installation, modification, repair and maintenance of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (Sprinklers), Fire Hydrant Systems, Fire Hose Reel Systems and Fire Pump sets etc.

Should you require any specialised product or any other products not listed within our website, please contact our Hydraulic Division by telephone (call 02 4388 9629) or email ( for further information or assistance.

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (Sprinkler Systems):

Automatic fire suppression systems (sprinklers) provide the ultimate level of protection to buildings, its occupants and the environment by minimising the effects of a major fire. Sprinkler systems conserve water during fire fighting efforts and safeguard against the loss of building contents whilst providing protection against lost continuity of business operations. Sprinkler systems within buildings can be utilised to protect openings or can be integrated together with other systems such as Automatic Smoke Detection & Alarm Systems, Smoke Control Systems as well as Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems. To achieve maximum protection and offer the most efficient and effective fire protection system, we must consider the interaction of the building sprinkler systems in conjunction with other building fire safety measures.

Applied Fire Protection can supply and install a variety of sprinkler head types to suit your particular needs, and include some of the following types:

  • Conventional (Pendant or Upright)
  • Semi Recessed
  • Fully Recessed
  • Sidewall (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Concealed Space
  • Fast response

Sprinkler System Types:

  • Traditional Wet Pipe Systems
  • Pre-Action (Dry Pipe) Systems
  • Drencher / Wall Wetting Systems
  • Residential Sprinkler Systems

Relevant Legislation:

BCA Reference: BCA Clause E1.5 – Sprinklers.

Installation Standard: AS2118.1 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Maintenance Standard: AS1851.3 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Fire Hydrant Systems:

Fire hydrant systems are essential fire fighting apparatus designed for use by Fire & Rescue NSW (formally known as NSW Fire Brigades) and are generally installed externally upon a property and/or internally within a new building or may be protected by a street hydrant for existing buildings. Although fire hydrant systems are intended for use by the relevant fire authority, they may also be used by trained personnel if necessary.

Applied Fire Protection can arrange appraisal reports carried out by a qualified hydraulic engineer for buildings that are protected by street hydrants. Street hydrant appraisal reports identify weather the street hydrant provides adequate water pressure and building coverage when required for use by Fire & Rescue NSW.

Fire Hydrant System Types:

  • Internal Fire Hydrant Systems
  • External Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Street Hydrants (for existing buildings where supported by a hydraulic engineers appraisal)

Relevant Legislation:

BCA Reference: BCA Clause E1.3 – Fire Hydrants.

Installation Standard: AS2419.1 – Fire Hydrant Installations.

Maintenance Standard: AS1851.4 – Fire Hydrant Installations.

Fire Hose Reel Systems:

Fire hose reel systems are an essential primary fire fighting apparatus required to be installed within a building depending on its size and classification. Fire hose reel systems when required, are located to provide complete building coverage and a controlled supply of water to combat a fire.

The length of a fully extended fire hose is 36 metres and its main components consist of the hose, a drum, interlocking stop valve and a control nozzle attached to the end of the hose that enables an operator to control the direction and flow of water required to combat the fire.Applied Fire Protection can also supply fire hose reel cabinets if required.

Relevant Legislation:

BCA Reference: BCA Clause E1.4 – Fire Hose Reels.

Installation Standard: AS2441 – Installation of Fire Hose Reels.

Maintenance Standard: AS1851.2 – Fire Hose Reels.

Fire Pumpsets:

Fire pumpsets are an essential primary fire fighting apparatus required to be installed to serve a buildings automatic fire suppression system and/or fire hydrant system where the public water supply pressure is too low to achieve compliance with the requirements of the Australian Standards.

Where there is no public water supply, a pumpset can be connected to a private water supply such as water storage tanks, creating the necessary water pressure required for fire fighting. Fire pumpsets are either diesel engine type or electric motor type, depending on the system design prepared by the hydraulic engineer. Applied Fire Protection can provide advice on which pumpset type best suits your building and achieve compliance.

Relevant Legislation:

BCA Reference: BCA Clause E1.3 – Fire Hydrants. / BCA Clause E1.5 – Sprinklers.

Installation Standard: AS2941 – Fixed Fire Protection Installations (Pumpset Systems).

Maintenance Standard: AS1851.14 – Pumpset Systems.

Related Standards: AS2419 – Fire Hydrants. / AS2118.1 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Other Available Products & Services:

• Special Hazard Systems (Gas Suppression Systems)

• Street Hydrant Appraisals

• Sprinkler Head Sample Testing (AS2118.1 – 24 Year Testing)

• Sprinkler System & Hydrant / Hose Reel System Designs

• System Flow Testing (Sprinklers / Hydrants / Hose Reels)